There're really many stuff related to Rayearth music to describe, hence I decided to create a division for the discography alone, avoiding to fit Cd in a simple sub page of Rayearth merchandise section. This 49 episode series counts 7 soundtrack volumes including the videogame, 3 vocal Cd, a Karaoke collection, 4 Hybrid Extra disks, 13 Single mini-Cd and 3 volumes from Rayearth OAV (one vocal + 2 soundtrack halves). Here you can also find lyrics, while some song samples are available in my multimedia section....Unfortunately I still need some Cds, so be patient about missing data ^_^. Check my image gallery for inside booklet scans.




SONMAY/ EVER ANIME Cd: SM and EA Cd are more or less bootlegs made in Taiwan and sold abroad with lower price than Japanese Cd. Covers and tracks don't change, but sometimes booklets have less pages, while disk labels are different.

BGM: Background music track used in the show.

OST: (Original soundtrack) collection of BGM.

SONG BOOK: Collection of image songs.

IMAGE SONG: Song appropriately created for a character and sung by the seiyuu.

BEST OST: Selected collection of BGM from all OST Cd.

BEST SONG BOOK: For Rayearth, it's the collection of singles.

SINGLE: Cd with 2-3 tracks (usually image/theme songs with karaoke version).

THEME SONG: Opening / Ending song used in the anime.

HYBRID CD: Cd with song remixes and multimedia files.


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