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Hi there you folks! Guess what? Cephiro's Mirror is back!!  Yep, I'd like to shout my love to all you guys who signed my guestbook and wrote me emails supporting me even during this long -- and I mean, LONG -- period of slump of mine. You are great and wonderful people. Thanks to you I've got motivated in managing this little site of mine again.

About my new layout: please don't be too harsh judging it...^'s my first attempt to try out something new since when I was in Junior High (sweet! eh!). Best visualization at 1024x768 or higher, Internet Explorer 6.x or higher. Css, java scripts, pop ups, frames...tons of colors. No good with newest browsers or mobile devices, sorry folks! This website is add-free and no pop ups are waiting to bug you. Please use Internet Explorer, when I started this project IE alternatives were yet to be born, mobile navigation was in hyperuranium...I hope you can understand I can not keep up with the changing world of internet. Future sections will be more modern, maybe.

End of disclaimers! Let's put a stop to my nonsensical babbling and let's get to more interesting stuff! Now, what's really new on my site? Mostly layouts and graphics, but I've also completely updated the characters page - which is fully working at last -, my introduction section, doujinshi, goodies and my links. Check 'em out! More is coming soon, but please be patient, my busy schedule is not in cooperative mood at all (sigh!). Ah! Let me know what you think of this new Cephiro's Mirror version and please don't forget to sign my guestbook and to rate me (the rank form is below).

Have a nice life and fun in 2013!!!!


Current Update: 02 July 2013

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