02 July 2013
I'm working on something new for the site, but it's a secret! Until it's half done, I won't tell, lest I nourish false hope on myself, ehehehe!

08 March 2013
Happy Woman's Day! Nothing much, minor retouches. I'm still alive :)

11 February 2011
Multimedia section updated. Now with links to all Rayearth cd track downloads. No hotlinking of course, since they're in an external website which is, in my opinion, the best Rayearth music page around the web.

03 February 2011
Ah, joy. Almost 2 years since my last update. Today I'm not uploading something big, but I hope you'll like it. I've finally managed to get hold of an official Rayearth screensaver cd. It's old of course, you have to run it in Windows 95 compatibility. I have Xp, so I dunno about Vista/7 or other OS systems. Ask me for technical assistance if you have trouble installing it, or extracting the bmp/wav files. Remember! It's a PC product from the '90s, with Japanese language dialogs. You can find it here: GOODIES

25 February 2009
I can't believe I did it. After putting up new covers a couple of days ago, I started to think that it was a huge pity not to upload the character profiles section, since it was almost complete (85%)...not only it's now up on the site, but it's complete, I took over where I left off a couple of years ago, and made the 8 profiles I was still missing. I hope you all like it.

22 February 2009
Lazy does it. Well, the last update was 2 years ago, and today I'm just adding 4 new wallpapers and a couple of cd covers.

12 February 2007
Guess what? I'm a biiitt lazy. General improvements here and there, but nothing substantial. Reading Dragonlance rite now in my time off (yeah, off, whatever...).

27 July 2006
Doujinshi section updated: more doujinshi for download, more cover scans. I'm becoming an old leecher...maaaan! Btw for any question/problem/report, send me an email, my address is working perfectly! I hope you all can have nice vacations (not at all like me!!!!! Siiiigh!).

26 April 2006
Doujinshi section updated: more doujinshi for download, now in zipped format.

12 April 2006
Multimedia section updated, a whole single for you. Go grab it!

03 February 2006
Little things here and there, updated. Expect to see applications from Umi special extra CD in goodies section soon.

28 September 2005
Multimedia section updated with 2 new songs. Hope you like them. I remind you all that requests are open.

01 June 2005
I'm a terrible webmistress. Shame on me. I'm basically on hiatus now, and it's very sad. But I must confess, real life sucks me dry. Honestly, I can't simply work on this huge project anymore. But, there is a but: character section. It's almost complete and I don't wanna waste all the time I spent on it. I need to finish 6 profiles and revise whole things. That I WILL do, I MUST do for this little baby of mine. Because this site is my baby, and Rayearth is still my favorite animanga. Speaking of which, a new anime dvd box is out in Japan, featuring all 49 episodes. A BIIIIIT pricey (52,500 = 487$), but hey! It's Rayearth ;) This summer is gonna be a hot one!

09 September 2004
Long time no see! Now, just to tell, this site is not dead, it's just that I don't have much time to spare for it, so I'll sloooowly update it. Anyway, I dun work on scanslations anymore, I just read them and watch some anime. For the time being, expect some news from me. Mh, for you Italians out there, I also have another site, Alissa little share. Please come by if you get the time. Link page updated, I wanted to say this.

11 July 2004
Added 3 new desktop themes in goodies section. Exams are killing me and if I'm lucky enough, I can get lovely on-the-road vacations with my beloved B-friend. IF, not to mention, 7 days only. IF.

10 June 2004
Now, I've updated the doujinshi section with new scans I've gathered some time ago. Way to go for all you pervs out here. Cheers!

01 June 2004
Happy B-day to me! Now I'm of legal age for every country in the world ^_^. As a gift, I took care of the less important thing: a new 404 page! Yup, I did it anew! A fresh new 404 featuring Kazuki from GetBackers. I feel proud. If ya've time to waste type something weird in your address bar and watch my 404. Do you like the effect on mouse over links?

15 May 2004
New Rayearth mp3 uploaded, and a few minor changes around, corrections mainly.

04 May 2004
Ah, during the last months I've been collecting new stuff 'bout Rayearth, such as more Extra Cds, singles and stationery. Not to mention all 4 scripts collections, which have -indeed- beautiful color illustrations by Clamp and b/w images, lettin' alone some small funny comics. Very valuable items for non Japanese speakers (and Rayearth freaks). Those have been scanned, but still I need time to create an image gallery layout. I'm slowly progressing, but time's greedy and this site is not my first concern anymore, I don't spend much time on it, so to speak. But I'm set not to give this out, since I'm still interested. I will drop my scanlations projects soon, and work on this site full time along with University and my boyfriend. Stay tuned.

18 February 2004
Moved host! I hate digilander. Now I will take care of everything to move properly.

08 February 2004
A bunch of news, actually. I've got a lot of new material for your future viewing pleasure as well as a rare hentai video with the Knights (more info in the doujinshi section). Basically I don't have time to work on this site the way I'd like to, cuz real life keeps me busy a lot. Anyway I don't plan to drop this project, it's my own creature and I've not lost interest in it. It's simply that I don't know when I will update. I hope to get the time to finish the profiles, which are the hardest part since they require babbling, and for a not-native English speaker like me, this is even harder. Not to mention they require meaningful babbling.

17 December 2003
Exams, exams! Ferio's profile done (7 left!!) and a copy of Rayearth scenario collection 1-2-3 in my bookshelf! There are some luvly color images that look like Clamp artwork. I still have to get credits translated, but I'm pretty sure it's Clamp. Then there are some anime episode related b/w images, also by Clamp, and some short comics with the anime charas. I MUST get 'em scanslated.....Those scripts refer to 2nd season.

11 December 2003
Well yeah, in this period I've kept updated my links section and fixed minor bugs here and there. I know most of my links are not Rayearth related, but you see, that page is a kind of "my favorites" folder kept in web page form. At least I didn't put "useful links for my university" in it ^_^. Ah, I'm also working freelance for some scanslation groups, so my time off is less and less......

10 December 2003
Bah, don't expect chara profiles before *this* Xmas. Anyway I've worked on it when I had time off (which, believe ya me, was not often). I've not even bothered to update ^_^'''. News: covers of Cd single RUN updated! After searching high and low, I finally got my hands on it. Caldina, Rafaga, Inouva and Presea's profile done, Rayearth scenario collection 1-2-3 on their way to my humble home, and this means some rare anime illustrations close to my scanner. I've also scanned the Rayearth portion of North Side, a lovely Clamp artbook; to end in beauty I've reorganized all Clamp hybrid images (with Rayearth charas) filling gaps and rescanning crappy versions. Basically I could start a gallery section with those luvly and rare images, because don't tell me you dunno where to find Rayearth illustration collection 1 and 2 scans! those're pretty common, so I won't bother to put 'em up first (but yeah, I do have them organized ;).

06 September 2003
Hanakimi licensed >_<...wahwahwhahwhawah! Go to hell, Viz! I basically spent my summer scanning volume 20 and some chapters of volume 18, and they licensed it! the heck I'm gonna waste my scans, damned licenses! And I mean, it's not like the whole world lives in the US, so why can't I have my scanslated copy of a manga? Ah, back to Rayearth, I worked on it too, so expect chara profiles up before Xmas (I swear ^_^').

07 July 2003
Multimedia section updated! Now I can take song requests. I remind you that older files are available in my fserve. I'm finally gonna have a adsl soon, this way I can handle bigger files better. Don't miss Rayearth Gaiden as well (see 02 July update).

03 July 2003
12 profiles left! 4-5 of which should be easy to handle...oh, well. Today I completed Ascot's one, Caldina, Rafaga and Inouva're next in line. Good news for you guys, I've decided to scan Rayearth images of "North Side" and it really took me a long time. Maybe I can arrange a temporary gallery and share them...or you could leech 'em from my fserve (I'm always in LavendarTinted channel. Read past updates to know more). Anyway! It seems I've developed a peculiar allergy for chara profiles...I think of anything but them! Go figure.

02 July 2003
FINALLY x 2!!!!! Rayearth Gaiden is out for the world. You can find it in my Omake section. I'm also done with my exams, so be expecting more and more. I wanna end and upload whole "chara profiles" section, update "multimedia" (with songs) and at least make "manga" section. If I get the time, amongst studying and scanslation projects, I'd like to make "anime seasons". Kind of a busy summer.

30 June 2003
My last exam is close! Anyway, I've been overly active on March (12 updates), now I wanna spend July on the site, since it's not like I'm gonna go somewhere else, unless you donate my money -_-''.

02 June 2003
FINALLY!!!!! Takashi, a precious and dear friend of mine decided to translate the Rayearth side story I put on some time ago. Thanks to him I can finally get this scanslated!!!!!!!! So bow to him very politely, because it's mainly due to his kindness that you'll read it in English.

01 June 2003
Happy B-day to me! I'm officially not a teenager anymore. Gez! I'm just a bit less young than last year!!!

19 May 2003
Woa! The 1st part of a cute lil' story I worked on along with the wonderful Lavendar Tinted team is up. Give *Venice* a try at Lavendar Tinted. my IRC nick is Alissa, if you get the time drop by and chat with me ^^.

16 May 2003
Discography updated! I've added new covers for 2nd season soundtrack Cds and fixed a couple of mistakes in the track lists. Now...I'm gonna be very dead at least until June. I can probably do something in the upcoming month, but not that much. After July the 2nd I can be fully active, I want to finish the chara profiles section and start/conclude both anime and manga section.

09 May 2003
I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I'm actually working like hell, but I'm not really focusing on the site right now......sometimes I work on chara profiles when I've nothing better to do. Exams are dangerously close. I don't think I can be up to much until July. Anyway, lucky me got Rayearth OST vol 4 & 5 today, I'm happy! Expect some enhancements in my discography section regarding those 2 Cd.

11 April 2003
To make up for my current delay of chara profiles, I've added a special section (see main menu) featuring a cute lil' Rayearth side story from 1st season. Don't miss it! Thread will be up until English scanslation is available. Meanwhile, I'm actually working on profiles: long lasting Lantis and Alcyone are up. Ascot is worked upon.

07 April 2003
Links updated. Got Inner Universe, getting Basara scans. Stop.

27 March 2003
Discography's up! 'nuff said. I'm in happy leeching mode right know, my mind is set on Hanakimi, Aquadom and many other drooling manga. Don't expect vital signals from me for a while. Ah! I've watched some Ghost in the shell stand alone complex (Tv series). Anyone knows where I could get Inner Universe, the opening? It's Yoko Kanno at her best!!

26 March 2003
Uhn, uhn, discography is slowly coming to an end. I actually had to redo everything, and to scan some Cd covers as well. Before the end of the week it should be on, and with that, all the old sections are finally updated. Of course not to mention 12 profiles, *cough*!

23 March 2003
Wah! Wah! Wha! I got my North Side Clamp Artbook!! Now my collection of Rayearth images is complete I think, yup! When "Image Gallery" will be up, images from North Side will be the first to be uploaded. Of course I need to find a way to scan em without using a normal scanner....maybe a digital video camera would be fine....there's no way I'm gonna rip the book apart just for scanning ^^. On spare time I'm working on discography (everything is fine to avoid profiles......). I've fixed "email me" link too, so hurry up and email me.

21 March 2003
All done, all done, including the cleaning up of my old site. Discography is still online, but I didn't link it from the main page, because I'm currently working on it. But this time I'm not gonna get nuts trying to make a good layout, I can simply enhance the existing pages.

20 March 2003
Ah, happiness! After the uploading of the goodies section, I'll definitely take the old site down, because I've edited almost everything and added two new sections (doujinshi and multimedia). I should still make 12 chara profiles and discography section, but I'm really sick of the old site, I want to wipe it away asap.

19 March 2003
It seems that there is at least someone who *actually* reads my updates here. I can't believe it. BTW, today I should finish editing the index page for goodies section.....the funny thing is that I've been working on it for 6 days, 3 of which spent for the index alone.

17 March 2003
Maybe I'm gonna die soon, I dunno, I have a bad feeling about this, I mean, I'm lazy. I've always been lazy and lazy people don't usually get hyperactive all at once. Goodies section is done, I just need to check last details and rearrange the index page. Last Saturday I took a lovely English examination, from 8.30 am (but I had to be up at 6.30 am) till 6.00 pm (and I got home at 7.00 pm). After that I worked on the site, and then I spent the time left with my friends till the day after. I had fun (well, not including the examination part...).

13 March 2003
Doujinshi's up! go to read 11/03 update and if you wanna visit the section! Everything should be fine. I'm not very happy about the layout result at 800x600, but I did my best.

12 March 2003
Ah, now that I come to think of it, I should study.... and make the profiles. I'm starting to loathe profiles. Lantis' one is tough, but I want to make it as good as possible.

11 March 2003
Yay! Doujinshi section is over!! I've just finished to edit the last page ^^. I want you to remember that "doujinshi and fan arts" is the only section of my site not suitable for youngsters. Kids must stay away. In the page there are 4 under sections: Rayearth Doujinshi scans, Rayearth Doujinshi covers, Fan art page (Fan arts. Safe section for everybody), Hentai fan arts. The whole stuff is 19,5 MB. Hence I'm gonna upload it slowly, slowly, slowly.

10 March 2003
Ah, I'm updating another section just for fun, I really need a break from those bothersome profiles. They really take a lot of time to be edited. The section is "doujinshi and fan arts", I'm done with the layout but I'm still sweating on the navigation bar, which doesn't really want to fit. Whatever. Pages will be online anytime soon, since there's not much left to do.

06 March 2003
W-e-e-e-l....5 days of vac became 15, but anyway...*cough*...I've updated the links and that's all. I've finally figured out HOW to use Irc channels for leeching and now my life (and bucks) has really come to an end.....during breaks and waits I work on Lantis' profile....

16 February 2003
Multimedia, a new section, is up. I still want to check it before putting the links because I've made it in one day, and I'm sure I'll find lots of bugs. Tomorrow I work for chara profiles again, then I leave for a 5 day vacation. I need it.

08 February 2003
All done with links. Now, don't expect news about me for a week. I've an exam, I've delayed enough, and now I must study. Go figure.

07 February 2003
Saturday! Saturday! Oh, I'm happy, tonight I'm gonna hang out with my friends and it's not my turn to stay sober to drive 4 of them back home. Oh, joy!!! Today I've added a nice counter, I hope it will work. If not, I'm gonna change it. I've put 1900 as starting value based on Rayearth rankings statistic. I'm seriously planning to update my links page with new stuff and I've just created a new shared account to store my files. I have it along with my friend Ines, so move and visit her at Arashi no Umi. Great skins and other things.

06 February 2003
The update......yeah, I'm positive I've already babbled something about it.....but of course, I've screwed up my schedule and that's it. I still have a portion of exam to do, and then I'll enjoy 10 days off. Completely off, since I'm gonna visit a friend and I'm planning to take my time. BUT! I'm slowly going on with the profiles. Since I noticed I was missing good images for some charas, I've spent a lot of time scanning and such. I hate ripping my stuff apart, so I'm very careful scanning (and this means I'm slow ^^). Oh! I wanna add some scanslations site links in my page, I'll do it soon, it won't take much time.

23 January 2003
Umh! Bad day, bad day. I'm in killing mood. BtW, to keep my nerves quiet, I've finished Tata profile. There are currently 3 profiles online, because this version of my site is currently under beta viewing.

20 January 2003
Umh! Did I forget to mention the exam of Public Law on the 22nd? Well, at least I've managed to finish all Pharen profiles and now I'm on Chizeta. My! I hate this period of the year....but for the Lord of the Rings movie of course!!! Did ya all guys watch T2T? I hope so! Well done and hot charas as usual ^^

09 January 2003
Oh my! My English was crappy when I first made the profiles! I'm trying to put as much care as I can in editing them, but this will take time. By the way, I'm following my schedule: on Jan the 24th I have the huge Economy exam, then on the 28th Marketing, and possibly on the 31st THE update. Keep faith (at least you, pleeeaze *_*)

07 January 2003
I've started considering study and my work proceeds slowly, but I'm persevering!!! The new chara section is almost a reality, since I've made the index and I've decided the new layout for the profiles. I've also revised the texts checking for mistakes and adding something new. I'm also done with Hikaru, Umi, Fuu and......Sanyun!!!

01 January 2003
Hi there folk!! Happy New Year!! I hope ya all had fun last night (I did *giggle*). I'm done with the Summaries section, now I've decided to take care of Charas.....yep, I'm basically a masochist, I know.

25 December 2002
Merry Xmas to ya all!!! I hope you're doing well. Me, I'm updating my site instead of studying for some dangerously approaching finals...Ah, the update, right! I'm working on my Summaries section, and it's almost done. I've changed the graphic, updated old texts and added Rayearth anime Synopses. I hope you'll like them.

1st Fortnight of December
Well, it's seems I'm more active when we're around Xmas time...If you see my older updates, I've always added something at Xmas...

03 December 2002
I'm renovating my site, and I don't really know when I'll be ready to put it up. Btw I'm experimenting some little changes...maybe you'll notice them. I've chosen a couple of pages to be my betas........

03 March 2002
Well, I'm actually gonna enhance the existing pages of my site. I've already updated the goodies section (the newest the easiest), and I've converted almost all pages for 1024x768 viewing. Next step will probably be the charas section, my oldest and most bug full page.

03 January 2002
What can I say? I've been with Digilander for a year and a half....Now I have to leave. But where???????? I had to take the Doujinshi section down, and I won't restore it unless I can find a new server. Take care.

17 December 2001
Done! Instead of studying, I took care of my wallpapers....I hope you'll appreciate the effort...(??)

16 December 2001
The goodies page is almost done, I just need to tidy up the mess of Rayearth wallpapers...I've already upload them, after all, but I still need to correct the layout. I don't think I'll change it at all, even if it's quite old, but in this way this update won't take step: multimedia files!

01 November 2001
Yeah! It's still taking a while! The Doujinshi section is updated and active. I'm currently work on my goodies page....let's see, Winamp skins are back and wallpaps will follow soon ^^

19 March 2001
I'm starting a huge revision, and till now the DOUJINSHI section is the only one completely active. due to server problems, I must change web space for my heavy files, and this might take a while.

25 December 2000
Merry Xmas. I wanted to add gallery section during these upcoming 2 weeks, but I think it won't be really ready before summer vacations. By the way, I check all my external links in order to replace dead ones...Surely CD page will be totally released in a while ^^

26 November 2000
More Rayearth CD reviews. I had big big troubles with my server, so midi section is temporally not available. I added some new stuffs, but the web will be restored on Xmas I think. Please, if u find dead links, let me know!!! thanks

16 October 2000
Added new Rayearth wallpapers and Rayearth CD reviews. Finally I got a scanner, so within Xmas I hope to put on my Rayearth gallery.....

15 October 2000
Added the summary of 2nd season, completely released all the reviews of Rayearth soundtracks, still under cons the others. New wallpapers. CLAMP OFFICIAL SAVER!!!

1 October 2000
Midi section totally released, but I added some Rayearth, Night warriors (darkstalkers), X99, Kodomo no Omocha (child's toy) and others' midi. Some new wallpapers and it's on cons my new Rayearth cd section. Was looking for lyrics???

10 September 2000
I'm going on my midi section. I added some Mp3 about Escaflowne, Sakura, Ranma....There also are new Rayearth musical video and OAV theme in Mp3. FOUND CLAMP IN WONDERLAND!!! SUGOIII

28 August 2000
All right! Rayearth midi r done. Now I'm dying on Rayearth mp3...I don't wanna make 'em too heavy. Mpeg and real video soon here. I finished Clamp wallpapers, but not my desktop themes...^_T

25 August 2000
Home sweet home....finally (?) I returned to my beloved computer. Probably in 1-2 weeks my midi/mp3 page will be released.

18 June 2000
I'm going on vacations. I'll be able to make something new towards the end of August 2000. All the sections available are completed, but CLAMP wallpapers and the links for desktop themes. Thank you all and don't miss the guest book!

Eastern 2000

1997 - 2000
I've made my first sections, namely Character profiles and half Doujinshi section. I started to shape this site on my last year of Junior High. But I've seriously decided to work on it slightly before Eastern 2000. On the WWW since 23-04-2000.